22nd Plazma Youth Sports Games Closing Ceremony held in Split

The Riva in Splitwas occupied by contestants of the international finals of the PlazmaYouth Sports Games at the closing ceremony under the patronage of Tommy.

22nd Plazma Youth Sports Games Closing Ceremony held in Split

Sat, 25. August 2018.

The city of Split has been living for a month now as a youth sports centre of the region. After the national final, the international finale gathered 1100 young sports amateur champions from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The crown of the successful season was celebrated on the crowded Split Riva at the closing ceremony with direct broadcasting on N1 television in all three countries. PlazmaYouth Sports Games are the largest amateur sports manifestation in Europe that enables children to participate in 10 sports: Coca-Cola Cup Football, Soccer, Kinder Basketball Tournament, HEP Handball Tournament, volleyball, Hrvatska pošta Tennis Cup, table tennis , beach volleyball, chess, dodgeball and athletics.

This year, all records were broken by the number of contestants and participants. In 2018 we organized sports competitions in more than 220 cities and places in the region and gathered more than 170,000 participants. The strength of the Games are its participants, primary and secondary school pupils from across the region, over one million and five hundred athletes who, in the 22 years, experienced the atmosphere of sports, socializing and fun.

The Closing ceremony on the Riva was attended by many well-known athletes and individuals from the public and business life of the region. Two former coaches of the Croatian national football team-Slaven Bilic and Igor Štimac - were accompanied by thecurrent coach Zlatko Dalić.

"The fact that this manifestation brings together 170,000 children is just saying that sport needs the right people. I honour the organizers and children who compete for medals without any incidents or problems."- Mr. Dalić pointed out.

The biggest excitement and interest, along with Zlatko Dalić, caused the arrival of sports legend and the oldest Ambassador of Plazma Youth Sports Games – Predrag Mijatović:
"This is a really amazing project, this year 170,000 children participated, and my job as ambassador is to support them as much as I can with my presence. Such positive projects should be maintaned, because children should be directed towards the sport ".

Through a video link from Madrid, the young athletes were greeted by the world's top football player Luka Modrić, and participants from the whole region were also supported by messages from Nemanja Matić and Miralem Pjanić. As Plazma Youth Sports Games are all about sports and the propagation of the sport's lifestyle, the closure could not have been without a little competition spirit. Teams of Croatian, Serbian and Bosnia and Herzegovina team-mates competed in a traditional sporting category- tug-of-war.

Enis Bešlagić, celebrated actor and great friend of Plazma Youth Sports Games took on the role of the referee:
"It is wonderful to see gathering of young people from these areas, some new generations are rising, which have been relegated to the past. It is wonderful that this story comes from Split and I hope it will become a world known story. "

The total winners of the international final have been announced according to medals won in every sport. The first place in the total sum was won by teams from Croatia, followed by Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Predrag Mijatović presented the winning cup of the country with the most awarded medals to Mr. Tihomir Gudić, Executive Director of Plazma Youth Sports Games..

The ceremonial part of the program began with the hymn of Plazma Youth Sports Games in which many leading regional singers participate: Nina Badrić, Petar Grašo, Ivana Husar Mlinac, Marija Husar Rimac, Danijela Martinović, Boris Novković, Tose Proeski, Tedi Spalato and Vanna with a special emphasis - the great Oliver Dragojević to whom the concert after the ceremony was dedicated to.

The greatest Oliver’s hits were performed by Iva Ajduković, AlenĐuras, Marko Kutlić and Jure Brkljača accompanied by band Goran Kovačić.
The guests were greeted by Mr. Zdravko Marić, president of Plazma Youth Sports Games. "These are our record-breaking Games, children are participating each year in an even greater number. It is wonderful to see on the Riva children from all three countries, and how they promote friendship and fair play. That's also why the games are well-founded and we are going to be even better in the new season. ''

Zdravko Marić presented awards to longtime partners and supporters of Plazma Youth Sports Games: Mr. Davor Božinović, Minister of Interior Affairs of Croatia; Mr. Zoran Bogdanović, CEO of Coca-Cola HBC, Stipe Mamić, Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Science and Education of Croatia, entrepreneur ŽeljkoTufekčić and Mrs. Ruža Tomić-Fontana, president of the Board of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia.
Plazma Youth Sports Games  throughout their programs in 2018 carried out a preventative campaign "Zajedno više možemo- u suradnji s policijom" in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior Affairs. Police representatives also carried out appropriate educational programs for children on the Riva.

The importance of such actions was highlighted by Minister Božinović:
"After launching the campaign in Slano, we end up magnificently in Split. Police have been given the opportunity to educate young people and children. It is important for us all to propagate healthy ways of life and the fundamental human values ​​such as: tolerance, friendship and fair play.

The special awards ceremony also included theproclamation of Young ambassador of Plazma Youth Sports Games: Hana Krouzil, an outstanding young athlete who competed in Plazma Youth Sports Gamesfor the first time in 2012. She has won a total of 5 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals in 7 years of competition at the Plazma Youth Sports Games in Split.

Hana was presented the award by Mr. Dragan Stajković, CEO of Bambi.
The grand closing ceremony ended with spectacular fireworks and bonding of children from all over the region on the Riva.