24th Plazma Youth Sports Games ceremoniously closed in Sarajevo

For the first time, the city of Sarajevo hosted the Plazma Youth Sports Games grand international finals, which took place from the 20th-24th of October on the sports fields of the Hills and Hollywood hotels.

24th Plazma Youth Sports Games ceremoniously closed in Sarajevo


This is the first time Split has not hosted the best teams from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the Games had a special reason for that: to mark the 10th anniversary of the Plazma Youth Sports Games in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The safety and health of all participants were always in the first place, so all competitions and closing ceremony were organized according to all recommendations of the Epidemiological services of BiH.

The ceremonial program was hosted by Doris Pinčić and Ivan Golušin, while Zdravko Marić, Founder and President of the Organizational committee of the Plazma Youth Sports Games, Ivana Jovanović, President of the Dunav Insurance Youth Sports Games of Serbia and Haris Deliahmetović, President of the Plazma Youth Sports Games of BIH were guests in the special studio.

The goal of the Games is for future generations to get to know themselves and others through sports, gain self-confidence, develop a personality, show virtues, adopt proper life habits and make lifelong friends. A part of the atmosphere of competition and entertainment was shown through the relay race of the representatives of the participants of the international finals from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The cake on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Games in BiH was cut by Zdravko Marić, President of the Organizational Committee of the Plazma Youth Sports Games, Ivan Sabolić, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to BiH and Envoy of the Prime Minister, Radoje Vidović, Member of the Croatian Parliament and Envoy of the President of the Croatian Parliament, Muamer Hadžović, Executive Director for Business Development of BH Telecom, Haris Deliahmetović, President of the Plazma Youth Sports Games BiH and Senad Halilović, Director of Hills and Hollywood hotels. Singer Amel Ćurić joined the congratulations and wished the most beautiful wishes to the largest sports amateur event in Europe with his birthday song.

On that occasion, Zdravko Marić pointed out: "I am proud of my team; it is a great thing that we have maintained the tradition this year as well and managed to bring the competition to an end. I am grateful to the people in Sarajevo for organizing the international finals, the conditions were awesome, but I believe that we will meet again in Split next year. I use this opportunity to thank the Government of the Republic of Croatia, led by Mr. Andrej Plenković, and I would like to express special thanks to Minister Davor Božinović, who has been with us from the beginning and gave us full support."

The international finals gathered national champions from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in all 10 sports disciplines: Coca-Cola Cup, chess, athletics, dodgeball, futsal for 2009, HEP handball tournament, Croatian Post Cup in tennis, table tennis, Kinder tournament in basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, but under this year's motto "Together as one team" all competitors won gold medals.

The best teams from the region afforded us a real sports spectacle. In the tense final of the Coca-Cola Cup, with a live broadcast at the SportKlub, Međimurske lepe puce from Čakovec took part. Attractive and great final matches of beach volleyball were played by our boys from Osijek (Dandilovci) and girls from Osijek, while on the Kinder basketball courts the young girls from Dubrovnik and again, great young boys from Osijek (Krvopijice), stood out. The youngest competitors in the international finals are athletes, and the fastest among them were: Noa Sučija (Popovača), David Škurdija (Đurđevac), Petar Kuzmić (Križevci), Klara Rađa (Križevci) and Karmen Maksić (Križevci). At the HEP handball tournament, Croatia was brilliantly represented by girls from Biograd na Moru. After the state finals, the masterful chess game was played this time as well by the young Ema Bevanda from Koprivnica, and Gabrijel Marjanović from Privlaka mastered table tennis. The young football players from Slavonski Brod (Marsonia) also demonstrated their potential and football talent, and a bright sports future awaits them all.

All sports disciplines in the Games system recorded an increase in applications, and all sports are designed in such a way that even children who do not practice a particular sport can participate and try a particular sport. Many competitors have been participating in the Games for years and already in January are applying for the new season. Dodegeball is the best example of the inclusion that Plazma Youth Sports Games promote as boys and girls play in mixed teams and thus strengthen awareness of equality through play and fun. The HEP handball tournament is an extremely strong tournament every year, while the Kinder basketball tournament brings together the best young basketball players in Croatia. Some competitors in the Croatian Post Cup in tennis even adjust their tournament schedule to the national finals of YSG because it is the best example of excellent sports conditions combined with rest and fun for children. The most popular and most numerous sport in the world has its large base in Croatia. The Coca-Cola Cup is the largest futsal tournament organized for the seventh year under the patronage of the Plazma Youth Sports Games, and this year more than 400 tournaments have been played in the region.

Plazma Youth Sports Games are the largest amateur sports event in Europe and a kind of phenomenon that with its 24-year tradition testifies that good vision, systematic work and perseverance can overcome all challenges and create a unique brand recognized and supported by many world institutions, top athletes and officials, but also sponsors.

Plazma Youth Sports Games have gathered more than 2 million children and youth in a 24-year tradition, and this year again was a record in number of participants with more than 70 000 competitors only in Croatia.

The closest organizational team of Plazma Youth Sports Games in Croatia consists of 13 associates and 700 coordinators and field leaders in the status of external associates who annually organize more than 250 qualifying tournaments in 10 sports, more than 30 one-day sports and educational events as part of the Tour of Joy, state finals in Savudrija and Split, the international finals in Split and the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games. The Games are currently active in 3 countries: Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in whose systems more than 200 000 children and young people participate annually.