Great state final in Savudrija

The Plazma Youth Sports Games began their season as early as January, by playing tournaments in 10 sports, and the best among them secured their places in the grand state finals.

Great state final in Savudrija


Children in Savudrija, in addition to competitions, enjoyed educational activities, socializing and the inevitable beach and sea for 3 full days.

The sports part of the state finals started with athletics, and in the 60-meter race the fastest time and gold medals won Karmen Maksić (Križevci), Roko Djuran (Prelog), Dora Lovrinović (Koprivnica), and David Škurdija (Đurđevac). In the final trials of dodgeball for the class of 2009. and 2011., the title of national champions went to the teams from Prelog, in both categories: Pajdaši and Međimurski rastrači,  the best dodgeballers in the country. On the courts of Stella Maris, in beach volleyball, the national champions are the girls from Split (Split 1) and the boys from Zagreb (Patients 2.0), who celebrated superiorly and deservedly in their categories. After the tense regional tournaments for placement in Savudrija, the young table tennis players showed all the splendor of their talent at the national finals, and the victory went to Gabrijel Marjanović (Privlaka), Victoria Pustaj (Jastrebarsko), Simon Vincek (Varaždin), Bruna Borovec , Enio Funes (Nova Gradiška) and Lorena Perendić (Oroslavje).

In addition to sports competitions, children also enjoyed various educational activities. The Department of Prevention of the Istrian Police, together with the Plazma Youth Sports Games, prepared a series of preventive activities and animation events. All activities and workshops were focused on promoting healthy living habits in the spirit of sports and promoting a positive culture of cheering, which excludes all forms of violence, discrimination, hooliganism and hate speech, and contains a message of tolerance, correct cheering and "fair play". Sport and sports lifestyle have a positive effect on the physical development and health of children, with great contribute to the intellectual, moral and sociological aspects and development in growing up. Therefore, Plazma Youth Sports Games, through games and sports and through preventive-educational activities on Tour of Joy and competitions, bring children and young people close to the important topics for their growing up in a healthy and safe environment.

In cooperation with the Police Stations, the Istrian Police Department also prepared workshops with the focus on presenting preventive projects, programs and activities, as well as learning about police skills, equipment and techniques - a demonstration of police vehicles. With local partners HAK - Auto Club Pula Rovinj, City Society of the Red Cross Buje, JVP UPVF Umag Umago agreed information and educational corner for children and youth, under the common name "Together we can do more - in action with the police" and the program of the National Road Safety Program .

As part of the state finals, educational campaigns were carried out as part of the "Youth Sports fair Chance" project, which the Games are implementing as part of the Erasmus + sport program co-financed by the European Commission.

"Plazma Youth Sports Games are one of the few sports events that have managed to continue their season this year and which will also hold state finals in all sports. The safety of our children is in the first place, as well as the desire to fulfil their opportunity to compete for their well-deserved medals ", said Zdravko Marić, President of Plazma Youth Sports Games.

This year's Plazma Youth Sports Games will bring together more than 70,000 competitors who have competed in ten sports since January. In the past 24 years, the Games have brought together more than 1,700,000 children and youth in their system.

After the state finals in Savudrija, the second part of the grand state finals will be held in Split, in mid-July, when the grand finale of the Coca-Cola Cup for boys and girls will follow. Starting this year, the Games, in cooperation with UEFA, are organizing activities focused on promoting women's football. In addition to the Coca-Cola Cup, Split will also host the best young athletes of the Kinder basketball tournament, volleyball, chess, the Croatian Post tennis tournament and the HEP handball tournament.