The 9th Dunav Insurance Youth Sports Games in Serbia opened in Arilje

With the lighting of the torch of friendship and spectacular fireworks in Arilje, the ninth season of the Dunav osiguranje Youth Sports Games was officially opened.

The 9th Dunav Insurance Youth Sports Games in Serbia opened in Arilje


From 7 p.m., Trg partizana in Arilje was full of children. The ecological workshop "Zero Waste - be part of the game - let's protect our planet" and the relay race "Friend from childhood" preceded the main program where the youngest Arilje residents presented themselves to the guests. Dunav Insurance Youth Sports Games were supported by representatives of religious communities in Serbia, State Secretary in the Ministry of Sports and Youth Milan Savić, Dejan Tomašević, our famous basketball player, representatives of sponsors and friend cities of the Caravan of Joy and Friendship Dunav Insurance Youth Sports Games.

The most solemn moment of the evening was the lighting of the torch of friendship, which together with the mascot of the Games, the lion Viktor, was brought by the SIMOVCI - Veljko Krčevinac, Mateja and Sofija Stojić and Andrej Obradović. Fireworks over Arilje marked the official opening of the ninth season of Dunav osiguranje Youth Sports Games.

Residents of Arilje, as well as the surrounding towns, agreed that such a spectacle was almost never seen in this area. As they say, they are glad that there are events that offer children from smaller communities the opportunity to be part of great regional stories. The people of Arilje hope that their children will justify the trust placed in them, that they will be the bearers of the torch and that the flame of friendship will be lit right in front of their children, signifying that the new season of the Dunav Insurance Youth Sports Games is open.

The founder and president of the Youth Sports Games, Zdravko Marić, said that he is most proud when he sees that the children are happy and satisfied and that the success of the entire team is that all three participating countries of the Games, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, boys and girls play sports, make friends, they respect each other. Marić thanked the Government of Serbia and President Aleksandar Vučić, for recognizing how important this project is for the children of the region and for years supporting Dunav osiguranje of the Youth Sports Games. He congratulated the children of Arilje and the surrounding area, as well as the representatives of the local government, on their successful participation in the Caravan of Joy and Friendship and the organization of the Grand Opening ceremony, with the words CHILDREN RULE, GAMES RULE.

Predrag Maslar, The president of the municipality of Arilje, thanked Dunav osiguranje for the Youth Sports Games, and above all the founder of the Games, Zdravko Marić, for turning his vision into the most beautiful children's sports story in the region. Maslar added that he is proud that SIM recognized the desire, desire and love of the children of Arilje for sports. The president of the municipality of Arilje thanked the children and pointed out that this event is so important and special because it is dedicated to the youngest.

Marija Mihajlović, president of Dunav osiguranje Youth Sports Games, said that she is proud of everything that the children of Arilje and the local self-government of this municipality have done for two years of participation in the Games and told parents, all teachers of Primary and Secondary schools that they can be proud of the children. Mihajlović thanked all the sponsors who support the Games in Serbia, because in this way they support the youngest.

The presence of the famous basketball player Dejan Tomašević in Arilje caused special satisfaction among the youngest members of YSG. Tomašević pointed out that he is always with the Youth Sports Games, because it is an event that connects children through sports, trying to make children understand how important socializing is, because if all of this is connected and nurtured by adults properly, we will all be proud of future generations.

In front of the general sponsor of the Youth Sports Games, the company Dunav osiguranje, the children were greeted by Maja Marković, director of the Center for Corporate Marketing and Client Care, who announced that this year, Dunav osiguranje has prepared scholarship insurances of one thousand euros for the three BEST YSG players (SIMOVCI).

In the continuation of the program, trumpet player Danijela Veselinović performed in front of a crowded square in Arilje, and then Željko Samardžić gave a concert for all those present, as a gift from the Youth Sports Games and local self-government.

Youth sports games are the largest manifestation of amateur sports for children and youth in this region, whose main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and friendship among the children of the region. The most beautiful sports stories are written by children from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. In all three countries, everything is free for children. In addition to the support of the most important state institutions, the Youth Sports Games in Serbia are supported by the company Dunav osiguranje, which is the general sponsor of the Games, NIS, Telekom, Poštanska štedionica, Podravka, Coca Cola and the UEFA Foundation.